BESLER’s sales transformation serves as an example of how businesses can leverage market and customer account insights to drive significant growth.

BESLER is a leader in hospital revenue integrity and reimbursement solutions but faced challenges with stagnating new logo acquisition and stalled growth trajectory.

BESLER is like many companies selling into traditional organizations like hospitals, local and state government, manufacturers, and logistics companies. They are working to help rigid and somewhat bureaucratic organizations through digital transformation and automation with a goal of improving process efficiency and getting better at leveraging data insights.

BESLER engaged Winalytics and undertook a positioning overhaul that focused on building a consultative selling process and the development of robust sales playbooks to work with its hospital customers on re-imagining their revenue and reimbursement processes.

Specific adjustments the BESLER team made included:

➡ Consultative Selling: Implementing a consultative approach to sales conversations to engage more strategically with clients and tailor solutions to meet specific needs.

➡Playbook-Based Training: Capturing the teams own best practices for discovery, deal strategy, and negotiation to improve peer learning and peer-based practice.

➡Situational Fluency: Building a strong base in fundamental sales skills enabled the team to adapt quickly to various scenarios, enhancing their ability to execute complex deals effectively.

BESLER’s success story exemplifies how vendors are transforming their approaches when selling to traditional organizations.

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