Staying ahead in any sector requires a commitment to personalized customer interactions.

For The SEAM Group, a leader in safety, maintenance, reliability, and sustainability solutions, a commitment to buyer personalization was viewed as a way to create a competitive edge in engaging companies in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

Karol Hernandez, Director of Marketing, explains: “We want our website to be relatable and relevant. If visitors see themselves in our content, they are more likely to engage and start a conversation.”

The first step in their shift to buyer personalization was the meticulous development of the company’s value proposition, ensuring that the impact of their solutions on clients’ mission-critical aspects was crystal clear. 

Karol emphasizes the importance of relatability and relevance in their client interactions. Their website, designed with a focus on personalization, allows visitors to access industry-specific content with just one click.

And, the impact was almost immediate.

Karol says: “We increased the number of conversions coming from their training catalog pages. Website visitors are better informed about the specifics of our training solutions and have more confidence to take the next step in a conversation with us.”

Buyers now demand hyper-personalization. The SEAM Group’s experience shows even less technology-advanced buyers expect you to connect with them at a personal level. 

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