We’ve all heard the mantra: “Content is king.” But let’s be real – not all content wears the crown equally. When it comes to your buyer’s journey, the real game-changer is content that personalizes value.

Somewhere around 90% of companies are increasing their content investments. However, only 30% have a clear-cut buyer journey guiding these efforts. So, here’s the million-dollar question: Are you riding the “content tsunami” in the market?

Avoid these common pitfalls in your content strategy:

Tell a Story, Not Just Content Quantity:

Forget about drowning your audience in an ocean of content. Every piece should tell a story about buyer value. Remember, all buying is personal. Buyers crave understanding on how your offering adds value to their business goals, role objectives, or even just keeping pace with peers. Take a closer look at each content piece and ask: What’s the story about value, and for whom?

Customer Stories Matter Most:

Blogs, ebooks, infographics – they’re all easy to produce, but they don’t hold a candle to the power of customer stories. Why? Because they shift the narrative from “me and you” to “we,” fostering a peer relationship. Customer stories span the entire buyer journey, from engaging top-of-funnel testimonials to detailed case studies that seal the deal. Don’t miss out on this unique content asset that resonates at every stage!

Empower Buyers with Self-Solutioning Resources:

Boost your MQL to SQL conversion rates and ensure that first meetings lead to seconds. How? Leverage self-solutioning content – checklists, toolkits, guides, and interactive diagnostics. These resources allow buyers to envision themselves within your solution, experiencing your unique capabilities firsthand. It’s the secret sauce for overcoming common sales and marketing challenges!

Almost all sales and marketing teams struggle with MQL to SQL conversion or getting buyers to a second meeting after a first sales conversation. Self-solutioning assets help to solve both.