There is a “content tsunami” out there. Don’t be part of it. Personalize content to buyer value.

Somewhere between 60% to 90% of marketing-generated content never gets used by sales or customer success teams. There’s a surplus of content, but most of it is not aligned to tell a story about personalized value across marketing, sales and customer success interactions.

So take a more strategic approach to content creation. Instead of creating content for content’s sake, develop content journeys that personalizes the buyer journey around 3 personalization categories – specific to buyer roles, goals, and peer segments. 

More importantly, craft your content journeys in a cross-functional manner. Continuously test and iterate the stories being told through content field enablement.

The best marketing teams see field enablement sessions as a win-win. These sessions play a crucial role in training the sales and customer success teams. 

They also play a critical role in helping marketing learn directly from the market when they iterate and co-develop messaging content. 

Let’s take a look at 3 key types of Field Enablement sessions:

Deal Strategy Sessions: Unlike regular pipeline review sessions, these sessions focus on a handful of representative deals to enhance sales and execution. It involves collaboration between sales, marketing, and product teams to align messaging with buyer value and product capabilities. This type of field enablement often occurs on a bi-weekly basis.

Sales to Success Handoff Sessions: Led by the sales team, these meetings concentrate on transferring information for each new customer. The captured details help marketing understand the drivers for won customers and how to improve future strategies. This type of field enablement session happens on every deal but marketing joins just a couple sessions a week.

Storytelling Sessions: These sessions, led by marketing, provide an avenue for introducing new stories that aid in the sales or CS process. This includes customer stories, capability stories from recent product releases, or outcome stories from documented buyer outcomes. This type of field enablement session typically happens monthly.

It is said that the first team to add value typically wins the deal. Building your content in collaboration with your field team will help you be the first to add value more often, so you win more.