“Everyone is evolving and consistently getting better thanks to the playbooks developed with Winalytics,” explains Karen Hundley, VP of Legal Partnerships at CeriFi, a prominent player in the professional CE industry. 

In the pursuit of their FY 2023 sales goals, CeriFi faced challenges in assimilating three recently acquired brands into their existing framework. With Winalytics, they:

  • Created a scalable and replicable selling system across a team of 50
  • Built shared positioning language across all five sales channels
  • Co-developed with the sales leadership team a targeted skills coaching program

CeriFi’s return on investment is remarkable – an investment of approximately $100k yielded an outstanding $6M in incremental sales revenue for 2023. Investing in their sales team to increase retention, raise individual performance, and de-risk growth was a key to their success.

In an era where employee turnover is anticipated to surge by 50%-75%, investing in your people is imperative. We have curated our expertise and insights into a new ebook: “Corporate Learning Buying Momentum, Training for Retention and Onboarding.” 

You’ll find insights on trends related to training for retention and onboarding, offering personalized value propositions to address concerns of corporate learning buyers, including:

  • Identifying pockets of buying momentum
  • Extracting trends and key takeaways
  • Addressing four key areas of concern
  • Navigating corporate learning personas
  • Key discovery themes and questions

Download the ebook now and redefine your corporate learning strategies with confidence. https://info.winalytics.com/ebook-corporate-learning-buying-momentum-training-for-retention-and-onboarding