“Sure we could have done it ourselves, but it would have taken us two years. And, that would have resulted in a lot of lost revenue. You guys got it done in six months.” 

That’s how Russ Jackson, Vice President of Growth Sales at NECI, explained the decision to partner with Winalytics as an outsourced execution partner.

If you are like Russ, you are probably looking at a very aggressive revenue goal.  

You probably need to do some mix of new messaging and positioning, new demand strategies, and/or upgraded content. And, you need to do all this when you already have a full-time job. 

Eventually you are going to want to staff for new roles. But if you do this in Q1, your new hires will likely be fully productive by the middle to end of Q1.

And, you will NOT get January or February back. Nor will you be able to convince the board you missed the numbers because you couldn’t find the right hire(s).

The option Russ took, and that you might consider, is to get moving now with a sales and marketing execution partner who can begin delivering now.

Then, slot in FTEs AFTER your Execution Partner team has addressed some of the major challenges and made significant progress, allowing for a seamless transition into the year ahead.