Your website is your tool to capture buyer demand. But, too often buyers show up at your website only to be confused.

The result? Higher bounce rates and lower content engagement.

Think about it: Your website is only the second step of your demand generation strategy. 

Credit to Steve Rankel for this insight: “Demand generation unfolds in three phases”:

  • We create demand through the digital and social web. 
  • We capture that demand on our website. 
  • We then convert that demand into a sales qualified lead. 

Many companies have a huge divide between their website and their digital marketing

So, how do you make all of this work in harmony? 

It’s all about aligning your social presence, competitive review sites, outbound email campaigns, and drip campaigns with your personalization strategy. 

Your website’s personalized categories, content, and messaging must seamlessly intertwine with the front lines of your demand gen efforts. 

Whether it’s a LinkedIn post, a tweet, an email, or a digital ad, there must be continuity across the buyer’s journey. 

Picture this: A potential lead encounters your company on social media or through an email campaign. 

Your message is so compelling that they can’t resist clicking through. 

But wait, there’s a catch. If the web page they land on doesn’t align with the messaging or has a different call to action, confusion ensues, and you’ve lost that hot prospect. 

While personalization on your website is critical to capture buyers in today’s noisy market, you also need to ensure that you’re crafting a consistent narrative across every touchpoint. 

Nail the alignment, and your demand creation will seamlessly transition into capture and conversion. Make every click count.