“Winalytics has provided more of a boost to revenue growth plans than I could have ever envisioned,” says Sheila Sarem, CEO and Founder of BASTA. That’s high praise from a leader who has created a game-changing career readiness solution for first-gen students and grads.

Thriving and surviving for companies selling into the Human Resources has gotten a lot more difficult. According to Deloitte, HR vendors need to support companies in co-creating with their workforce. Co-creation leads to a highly engaged team, innovation, and effective change management. It’s a strategy that’s 1.8x more likely to succeed. And that’s just the beginning.

Dive deeper into this and other critical HR buying themes and make data-driven decisions with our Human Resources eBook: “Training for Recruiting and Retention.” It highlights trends, key takeaways, and the current thinking of human resource personas around these issues. 

  • Recruiting and Retention: Talent is the golden ticket, and 75% of HR leaders validate this priority. With 83% of global companies grappling with talent retention, the focus has shifted from degrees to skills, with ‘human skills’ like communication and collaboration taking the lead.
  • Employee Experience: According to surveys only 22% of employees have a sense of well-being at work. Burnout is a prevalent issue, and employees crave meaning at work. Companies are funneling more resources, with budgets set to grow by 10%-20% this year.
  • Flexible Organizational Models: Hybrid work is the new norm, with flexibility in when work gets done outweighing where it happens. However, readiness lags, with only 17% of companies feeling prepared for the worker agency required with these models.
  • HR Digitization and People Analytics: As the world turns to digital landscapes, people analytics emerges as a beacon. From DEI to talent acquisition, HR leaders are eyeing AI and people analytics to fuel their strategies.

Discover trends, key takeaways, corporate learning personas, and more. 

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