Yes, you can really engage your buyers in 10 seconds. But it requires preparation and practice!

Create four different “10-Second Commercials” on “Why” buyers should talk to you.  

  • The big market problem you solve for buyers
  • Your brand promise or unique value claim
  • Your peer customer names that offer social proof
  • The specific use cases you solve that might be particularly urgent

Create a short snippet for each type of 10-Second Commercial. Then practice saying them out loud for prospecting call connects.

In a full, 30-minute discovery call with a new buyer, you can use all four together and in sequence to introduce your company and start out with momentum.

Let’s take a deeper look at all drawing and draw on examples that might be used by an industrial automation vendor serving manufacturing, distribution and infrastructure companies.  

Big Market Problem: Identify a common challenge faced by your buyer and customers.  Highlight the financial, organizational, and business consequences of not solving the problem.  

An industrial automation example might be, “many of our customers cannot recruit enough staff, which is leading to production loss and lower margins. Is that a problem you are working on?”

Unique Value Claim: Create momentum with a short, clear statement of your brand promise or unique value you offer to your buyers and customers.  

For example, “We provide real-time staffing for production and maintenance roles. Our track record is to reduce recruiting costs by 20% or more while achieving on-time project delivery 93% of the time?”

Share Peer Customers: Validate that you have a track record of solving a share problem for others exactly like them, by naming 2 to 4 most similar, peer customers.

Another example, “We have worked with other beverage and bottling manufacturers including Heineken, Coca-Cola, and Suntory to provide real-time staff for maintenance and production roles.”

Specific Use Cases: Give the prospect an easy way to align their business goals by describing specific use cases and your buyer impacts

A final example, “Many of our customers are struggling to recruit and retain staff in their production and maintenance departments.  Is that a problem you are working on?”

Learn more and download a 10-Second Commercial Play.