There is one simple reason more of your buyers and customers do not engage.

The content and stories you share do not speak to their personal needs and goals.

Content too often is developed as individual assets and does not tell a story about personalized value.

Sarah MacKinnon’s article “A Content Tsumami” shows that while 91% of B2B companies use content marketing, only 30% have a defined buyer journey that motivates this content.

Before you build any piece of content, ask yourself what buyer or customer group it serves? Buyers want content that speaks to their specific goals, roles, and market segments.

Think about content in terms of content pathways that speak to personalized value. A content pathway can include:

➡ A statement of unique value for that use case

➡ Identification of your top references clients for that use case

➡ A short summary of your top product capabilities for that use case

➡ A review of documented business outcomes

➡ Short success case snippets from clients

Putting content into content pathways reduces friction between buyers and customers. The repetition of themes and language educates buyers and customers on the why and how to buy from you.

If you make this adjustment to move from individual content to content pathways aligned to role, goal, and segment value, it will help you engage and close more buyers faster.

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