Many B2B companies miss the opportunity to start buyer personalization right on their website. 

Karol Hernandez is solving this problem for SEAM Group. She knows, per Salesforce research, that 72% of B2B buyers expect a similar website experience as on a consumer website.

Karol recently shared with Brent the key steps in their website personalization process.

The first was further development of SEAM’s value proposition to articulate the impact of their solutions on clients’ mission-critical safety, maintenance, reliability, and sustainability outcomes.

Their next goal was to make sure their client-facing interactions and materials reflected that value prop, and extended to their website. 

“We want our website to be relatable and relevant. Visitors should see themselves in our content. That makes them more likely to engage and start a conversation,” Karol explains. 

They built their website in a way that allows a visitor to get personalized content in one click. 

With just one click, they get content for key industries – like manufacturing, life sciences, data centers, retail, and others, as well as key personas – like corporate leadership, risk, maintenance, compliance, and others.

And, the impact was almost immediate.

“We increased the number of conversions coming from their training catalog pages. Website visitors are better informed about the specifics of our training solutions and have more confidence to take the next step in a conversation with us,” Karol explains.

She further shares that they are on a continuous journey as a marketing team to enrich their website and channels “so our customers and prospects continue to find SEAM Group to be a brand that provides relevant and relatable content and experiences.” 

We live in a world in which buyers expect hyper-personalization. Do not miss the opportunity to start a personalized conversation right from your website.