“We can’t do personalization at scale.” I hear that all the time.

And at first blush, it feels like it makes sense.  

It’s hard to “personalize” sequences when an SDR touches hundreds of prospects every week.

It’s hard to “personalize” our website when we have no way of knowing who visits and when. 

But this view misses the point. We can personalize at scale when we unify our entire go-to-market team around the same value messaging and content.

Where organizations miss the most personalization is not having enough knowledge of their buyers and buyer value. There’s inconsistency in speaking to value across the whole buyer and customer journey. 

We have to remember, buyers and customers do not interact with us in a linear way.

They could start at our website, begin a conversation with an AE or a marketing person at an event, interact with a piece of content, come to a webinar, or get cold called by an SDR.

No matter how or when they interact with us, they need to hear the same message.

So here are a few ways you can create consistent value messaging to personalize at scale:

  • Build website content funnels around your buyer personas, their use cases, and their segments, so your buyers see themselves on your website. 
  • Build SDR sequences by persona, use case, and segment using peer stories, so your outreach starts with a clear view of “what’s in it for the buyer.”
  • Teach your SDRs how to use research to create more meaningful messaging and create a modularized personalization matrix to make it easier and faster for them. 
  • Use automation to serve up to your SDRs (and AEs!) key pieces of information, i.e., trigger events, buyer intent data, firmographics, to not only personalize outreach, but improve the timing of the outreach.
  • Use this same messaging framework to inform how your field or enterprise sellers prepare for and execute meetings across the buyer journey.
  • Ask your customer success teams to spend time in each onboarding training and implementation call refocusing on your buyer’s why.

When you sync up your value messaging across all the GTM teams, your buyer and customer “why” starts to show up at every step of their journey with you.

And Voila! You are now doing “personalization at scale.”