Great virtual selling means running great conversations.

Hear Gabrielle Dabi-Schwebel and Brent talk about how to create great virtual conversations that will lead to greater success on the Virtual Selling podcast.

Virtual selling is not going away. A McKinsey study found that over 75% of buyers and sellers alike now prefer virtual sales meetings over face-to-face interactions. And just 20% of B2B buyers said they wanted to go back to in-person presentations of the past.

Brent and Gabrielle agree on a couple of key elements for great virtual conversations — being human and being intentional in setting meeting expectations and managing meeting transitions.

In a virtual environment, because we aren’t physically sitting with a person, it is more important than ever to be human and find human connections.

Here are few ways to build human connection:

  • Listen for your buyer’s personal interests
  • Read the room for clues on the buyer sharing their life 
  • Share your interests to show your buyer you are human too
  • A little website or LinkedIn research can go a long way

From the start of the call, we have to be intentional about setting call expectations. 

  • What are we hoping to accomplish? What are our goals for the call?
  • How should we use our time to accomplish those goals?

We have to intentionally finish our calls, using the last 10 minutes to confirm commitments on both sides with things like:

  • “This is what I heard about how we could work together. Do you agree?”
  • “What do we want to agree on doing next?”
  • “My next steps are A, B, C.”
  • “Can I suggest X, Y, and Z as potential next steps for you?”

For these transitions to next steps, it’s important to be more human but also to be deliberate and process-oriented to really confirm whether your prospects are engaged or not.

Transitions are really important in virtual selling so that we can intentionally move forward, and in order to do that, we need to take ownership of structuring those. 

You can listen to their full conversation here: