In a recent conversation on The Bacon Podcast, Brian Basilico and Brent discuss how the lack of ideal buyer alignment is the quickest way to kill funnel velocity. 

Misalignment quickly results in buyer apathy during the sales process.

Funnel velocity begins with marketing and sales reaching agreement on who your ideal buyers are and developing appropriate value props and messaging specific to each.

Funnel velocity continues with BDR teams organizing their prospecting around ideal persona-driven messages and materials, so they bring the right buyers to first meetings.

The sales process works best when we get meetings with buyers who have a problem we can solve easily, profitably, and in a repeatable way -– prospecting is not about driving a bunch of leads with prospects that aren’t the right fit. 

Funnel velocity leads to faster closed deals when sellers truly understand the goals and challenges of prospects and customers, and how they can demonstrate the value-add of their products or services. 

Brian points out that ideal buyer alignment also requires a mindset shift: Engaging buyers is not about not you or your product, but what value your product can drive for each of your ideal buyers and how that can add up to enterprise value. 

Investing in alignment with your ideal buyer is a win-win-win. It is a win for marketing, a win for sales, and most importantly a win for the buyer.

You can listen to their full conversation here: