The 2010s saw a very high level of so-called “innovation” in sales strategy and methodologies.   

In 2011, there were only seven major methodologies. By 2019, the number of major sales methodologies tripled from seven to almost 20 different methodologies.  

We got Challenger Selling, Insight Selling, Disruptive Selling, ANUM, GPCT,  CHAMP, NEAT, and many other new sales strategies and methodologies in rapid succession.

Much of this innovation steered us in the wrong direction → Teaching sales and marketing teams again and again that they are in charge and need to take control of the buyer conversation.

! But the reality is sales and marketing teams are no longer in charge. Buyers are in charge.

Buyers no longer need sales and marketing teams to get information on product, pricing, or competitive comparisons. They get this all from websites, social media, and peer review sites.

Not surprisingly the outcome of this “decade of innovation” was in a phrase REALLY BAD!

  • Between 2009 and 2019, sales representatives on quota dropped from 59% to 43%.
  • Over the same time period, the average tenure of a Sales Vice President plummeted from 36 months to 24 months as individuals in this role bore the brunt of declining performance. 
  • The amount of money spent on marketing and sales technology grew threefold from around $1500 at the beginning of this period to more than $4500 at the end.

Shift your mindset. It is not about you, your product, or your company’s success. It is about your buyer, their why, and making them more successful.

Buyers are no longer interested in sales and marketing teams who have mastered their product pitch and dominate the conversation. 

They are looking to be understood. They are looking for personalization to their specific goals and needs.

If you want to win in the new buyer environment, focus on serving your buyer or customer first.