Listen to Brent and Ramzi Marjaba discuss this and other topics on Ramzi’s “We The Sales Engineers” podcast.

In the old world of selling, buyers needed you to find out about your product. They were dependent upon you to share information critical to their purchase decision.

In the new world of selling, buyers are overwhelmed with information about your company and your product. They can get it on your website, peer review sites, social media, and other sources.  

So today, buyers no longer need you to tell them about how great your products or services are. They need you to be a problem solver. 

Sellers today need to act as buyer guides. We have to listen and understand in a very different way than we previously have – it can’t be a one-way conversation any more. 

Guide your buyer with questions. Share solutions that have helped their buyer peers with similar problems. Determine what’s keeping them from achieving their goals and explore if your product might lead to a more successful future.

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