Make your customers the hero. Celebrate their success, not your own.

If you want to sell more and expand faster, don’t talk about your company or your product. Talk instead about how your current customers are using your product.

It is a subtle but powerful shift. It moves the conversation from “you and me” to “we.”

Rather than a vendor to be held at arm’s length, sharing customer stories turns you into a peer, collaborator, and trusted advisor. You are both looking for solutions to a shared problem.

The biggest reason many of us don’t know our customer stories: WE NEVER ASK.

Forget your preconceived ideas about why your customers are using your product, just ask them.

Ask them about the problems they were having. Ask specifically why they identified your product or service as a solution and what the result was.

💡 Make your customer the hero of your story; it’s not about you or your product. Celebrate that they identified a problem, advocated for partnering with you, and saw it through to a result.

Make it easy for new buyers to see themselves in your customer stories:

☑️ Use short snippets in the prospecting phase

☑️ Use tailored success story slides in sales phase

☑️ Tell stories about account expansion in the account management and customer success phases

Customer stories sell much better than your product. All we have to do is ask.

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