Brent talks to Adam Ellingson, EVP of Sales at CeriFi, about how content can create a value-driven customer journey and drive 40%+ revenue growth even in a mature market.

CeriFi is a provider of training for Series 6, Series 7, and CFP licensure exams, and there many many competitors in the market.

Adam explains that they have grown quickly by anchoring the entire buyer and customer journey on value with two questions:

💡 What is your success rate today?
💡 How could this success rate go higher?

The whole customer journey needs to be about getting the buyer to continually rethink their goals and then educating them about the capability gaps that may be keeping them from achieving that goal.

For example, do they have a gap around the quality of content, the ability to personalize learning, or access to analytics to understand key barriers to higher pass rates? CeriFi can help companies in all three areas. And that one value prop helps build velocity with new sales and upsells.

Adam further explains how the company presents that value prop at different phases of the buyer and customer journey with a high-quality content playbook – videos, blog posts, and tools that buyers help explore why their employees might want a certificate and the right courses for them.

The process of educating buyers on improving the Series 6, Series 7, and CFP pass rates starts on their website with a series of self-service buyer journeys.

Strong content helps set up better sales calls for the customer and sales team. The sales playbook is all about qualifying the customer toward the right pilot program, surfacing gaps to build a pilot that shows an improvement in pass rates.

With existing customers, discovery focuses on their success rate today and their target success rate. However, in this case, they have a chance to plan different types of pilot outcomes and explore both qualitative and quantitative improvements in pass rates.

It’s the same value playbook, but the prospecting, sales, and customer plays are aligned to the team’s level of knowledge and engagement with each buyer.

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