If we’re not excited about our company and its products or services, why should our buyers or customers be excited?

They shouldn’t be!

Buyers and customers can sense right away if you aren’t passionate about your company and its offerings. They can also sense if you are. And when you are, it’s infectious.

So, ask yourself, these questions:

  • Why are you excited about your company or company’s product?  
  • What buyer and customer impacts make you proud to work for your company?
  • How would your buyers’ lives be harder, less fun, less rewarding, more complicated, etc. without your product or service?
  • What parts of your company or company’s product give you a sense of purpose?

If you aren’t able to answer those questions, get another job. It is especially easy right now.

If you are able to answer those questions, write them down on a piece of paper or in an email to yourself. Go back to these reminders on those tough days and weeks.

Start with your passion. And, the rest of it will take care of itself.