Brent talks to Beth Nelson at Plus Delta Partners about the power of reference selling as a business growth driver.

Beth and the team at Plus Delta have figured out that they can grow much faster by learning their customers’ language and capturing their customer’s voice. Plus Delta offers a fundraiser training program in three core market segments, including liberal arts colleges, research universities, and hospital fundraising teams.

They make small adjustments to their messaging – to ensure their product’s value prop really lands for new buyers in each distinct target market segment.

Though they’re essentially selling the same products and services, the way they message the product and their value is very different from one segment to another; they do this by:

  • Being good at listening to their customers and picking up the language they’re using
  • Understanding small changes to their use cases and what pain points it’s solving
  • Capturing the customer voice by segment to sell forward in targeted prospecting 

This approach helped Beth’s company achieve 40%-plus growth over a five-year period!