Brent and Christina Yu of NovoEd discuss prospecting as a way of gathering market intelligence and getting smarter about your value prop. Every prospecting campaign is an opportunity to test your value messaging against different buyer personas.

“Obviously a key goal of any SDR (sales development rep) team is to set meetings, but I have always taken the view that setting meetings and learning work together – the faster you learn about your market the faster you set meetings. It’s a virtuous cycle,” Christina explains.

She continues to describe just how her SDRs use marketing campaigns to test value messages and track how each campaign is working. They use their calls to test specific messages for engagement, which at one company led to a 65% increase in discovery calls and sales-qualified opportunities from the same lead pool over six months. 

Their sales partners also reported that their first meetings were of a higher quality than they were previously. Prospects were coming to meetings better prepared and with a better understanding of their value prop. More of the first meetings moved to second meetings.