Great buyer discovery is really just a series of “small wins.”

Brent was honored to be the first male guest on Lori Richardson’s Women in Sales Podcast.   Listen to Lori and Brent and talk about the “give and take” of good buyer discovery.  

Rather than have the buyer feel like they are being interrogated or bombarded with questions, ask a couple of questions about their needs and goals. Then recap to confirm your understanding before you move onto the next questions.

Your small wins might come from questions on focused on asking your buyer:

  • What are you working on? What are your top goals and priorities?
  • What have you tried? What is working and not working?
  • What would success look like in six months?
  • What would be a win for you? For your boss?

You’re guiding them down a path – give and take, and your goal should be to truly understand your “buyer’s aspirations.”

Lori and Brent discuss how women sales team members are often well suited for these types of conversations, taking a more “other-centered” approach to conversations focusing on the other person’s goals for the conversation.

This is a behavior we should all aspire to all of the time!

Listen here!