“You build the most momentum in buyer conversations by engaging individual buyers with a message specific to them while also connecting all buyers to shared goals”

That is how Sujay Darji, Regional Sales Manager for Anthology, a provider of enterprise higher education technology, explained his approach to a platform or enterprise value prop  

A platform value proposition allows sellers to speak to the buyer’s individual goals while also building the case “1+1 equals 3” for the enterprise as a whole. 

Sujay further explained how he starts by tailoring messages: For the CIO it’s around digital transformation and data security; for admissions messaging focuses on recruitment and enrollments; for student success he anchors on retention; and for advancement messaging the focus is on alumni engagement. 

Simultaneously, he speaks to each buyer about the value of having Anthology in all of their offices at the same time. “I emphasize how a lifecycle approach leads to stronger student and alumni insights, fewer vendors to manage, and a lower overall cost of ownership. Without these cross-department value drivers, there is really no reason for every office to have a different, point solution.”

Sujay has consistently been one of the top performers on several teams by taking this approach. It helps with prospecting because as he says: “You have multiple opportunities or multiple swings at the bat.”

“I also find I can land and expand accounts faster because if one or more offices do not buy at the outset, they already have a good understanding of our value prop,” says Sujay.

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