In traditional account planning, the focus on customer value can quickly get lost in the industry analysis, competitive positioning, product white space, and relationship mapping. 

Carrie Straub at Mursion shows how to change this formula to grow account values faster. At Mursion, the sales team anchors the whole land and expansion process on customer value.

They close on the area of highest urgency while simultaneously co-developing Phase II and III expansion plans, by prioritizing areas of customer value.

ROI can be hard to measure in learning and development, so Carrie and the Mursion team focus on Return on Objective (ROO) to measure value. ROO could focus on learners having more confidence with a skill, being able to demonstrate that skill post-training, or simply increasing training completion rates.

Agreement at the outset on the ROO is key. It is what gets the attention of senior HR or L&D leaders and ROO achievement creates a trigger to start subsequent expansion conversations.

Mursion was named in 2021 as one of the U.S.’s fastest growing companies by the Financial Times and Inc Magazine. Their clever account expansion approach is clearly a key element of that growth success.