1st Call Execution

Use critical goals to qualify buyers

Most 1st sales calls are neither well qualified nor well executed. More than half of buyers have no clear purchasing initiative and just 11% of calls are considered valuable by executives. This combination leads just 37% of 1st meetings to progress to 2nd meetings.

The best way to increase 1st to 2nd call progression with a qualified buyer is to use prospecting outreach and 1st calls to qualify buyers for a critical goal.

Winalytics 1st Call Execution Playbook raises to 1st to 2nd meeting progression rate by an average of 40% by focusing on qualifying buyers around a critical goal and asking buyers to build organizational readiness to purchase against this goal.

Playbook Tools

We help you qualify the right buyers forward to a 2nd call by managing your 1sts meetings around discovery on buyers critical goals, gap-capability alignment to solve these goals, and building a buying roadmap forward to a purchase.

Open on Critical Goals


The best 1st calls start with a goal-oriented agenda and a 60-second commercial on key challenges a company solves to give buyer a chance to self-qualify into a critical goal.

Three Levels of Goal Discovery


Establishing a critical goal means identifying a goal or priority (Level 1), gap to that goal (Level 2) and a payoff to goal achievement (Level 3), but most discovery stops at the goal.

Capability Tailoring 


Capability tailoring involve identifying a critical goal and then presenting success cases to “prove” rather than just claim a company has solved this critical goal with other similar buyers.

Verbal Buying Roadmap


A strong 1st call establishes a critical goal, gap and payoff and then verbally builds a buying roadmap to purchase around that critical goal, including a decision process, funding, and timing.

Three-Part Meeting Checklist


A three-part meeting checklist with targeted outputs on goal discovery, capability tailoring, and a buying roadmap increases the quality of 1st call execution and momentum into 2nd calls.

Buying Roadmap Email


Buying roadmap email templates can support sellers in a high quality recap with 24- to 48-hours to establish the goals, gaps, capabilities and next steps to support deal progression.