Start with your buyer’s why…in every single conversation!

Share your product capabilities through stories, because stories make your product actionable.

These were key themes in Brent’s recent conversation with Wesleyne Greer on The Science of Selling STEM podcast.

Brent contends: “When you start with customer stories, it shifts the conversation from ‘you and I’ to ‘we’ – peers who are working on a common problem that we’re both trying to solve.”

Wesleyne points out that “It’s when we use this voice of the customer and stop talking so much and actually listen to the buyers, it can give us so much insight.”

At every single step of the conversation, even at the proposal stage, start each conversation with a reconfirmation of what is going on with the customer.

Things change, new players enter the conversation. You need to constantly reconfirm that you still understand your buyer’s why.

Look for opportunities to go deeper on their why:

👉 Can they help you quantify a specific outcome?
👉 How will it make them more successful?
👉 Who else cares about their why?

Remember that until you have a problem your buyer wants to fix, your product is irrelevant.

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You can listen to their full conversation here: