The Plays

In these brief interview excerpts, Brent Keltner talks with podcast hosts and revenue leaders about the plays from The Revenue Acceleration Playbook  and shares how successful revenue leaders have implemented these strategies to have more authentic conversations with buyers that uncover buyer value and drive growth.

Buyer value discovery is the key to deal velocity.  Anchoring on your buyer’s value rather than your product makes sales conversations easier and more valuable. Listen to Tiffany O’Malley at Smart Action explain to Brent Keltner why “we have two ears and one mouth for a reason” and how good value discovery “almost always” leads her to a second call.

How do you get your buyer to tell you exactly what will lead them to purchase? Listen to Kristin Brenna at Ready Education share her strategies for helping her buyers “figure out their success statement” and envision a future ideal state or “promise land.”                                                              

Listen in as Brent talks to Jordan Benjamin on the Peak Performance Selling podcast about how a commitment to practice makes the difference between good and excellent. Dedicating one hour a week, just 3% of your working week, to skills practice either in an individual or team coaching environment can dramatically improve your performance.

In a recent conversation with John Asher on his Sales Sense podcast, we discussed how to increase sales velocity and account values using a mutual success plan. A mutual success plan allows you to go broad in your discovery calls without losing deal momentum. It helps establish immediate priorities to close your first sale with a new buyer while also identifying the pathway to future sales.

What does focusing on buyer value or value-based selling actually mean? It means presenting your product or service in terms of the value it creates for your buyer. Listen Jay Webb, host of the Over Quota podcast, talk to Brent Keltner about how Mursion and True Fit developed value playbooks to better qualify alignment between their products and their buyer’s business value.

How do you get your go-to-market team to shift from selling products to selling business value? Listen in to Russell Jackson, VP of Growth Sales at NECI, discuss with Brent Keltner how Winalytics LLC has helped his team shift from selling products like boilers, valves, vents to selling business outcomes.

Listen as Brent talks to Steve Trabucco, Account Manager at BESLER, a provider of revenue management solutions for hospitals. We focused on strategically using the “Last 10 Minutes” to confirm your buyer’s decision process and next steps. We call it the decision roadmap play. Steve’s team refers to it as the closing checklist.                                                      

Sales teams are often finding themselves on the defensive when it comes to pricing negotiations. Brent recently spoke to Deric Peterson, Vice President, Sales – Commercial Lines at Verisk, a risk management solutions provider, that’s about to shift to a value-driven negotiation strategy, so when it comes to pricing it’s not just a bottom-line conversation.