Team Performance

Drive performance gains with continual skills reinforcement

High-impact selling is a perishable skill that requires continual coaching and reinforcement, but many sales teams struggle to build a culture of learning.

Winalytics Team Performance supports consistent sales production across quarters and teams by developing data-driven culture of coaching and learning. Save & Exit

Modules, Goals, and Structure

  • 3 month module to build consistent sales performance
  • Weekly/bi-weekly team workshops used to develop a coaching culture, team learning, and identify and socialize best practices
  • Weekly joint calls and indvidual coaching used to optimize playbook, drive deals, and build individual seller skills

Month 1

Build Pipeline Success Formula


Identify 3 to 4 KPIs to track seller progress to goal

Build at the Front Continually


Build at the front, even while progressing and closing deals

Month 2

Tailor Coaching Conversations


Build performance by focusing on 1 or 2 skills at a time

Develop Coaching Cadence


Commit to 4+ hours of coaching per seller per month

Month 3

Vary Coaching Activities


Use a range of coaching activities for different learning styles

Focus on Team Learning


Continually identify and socialize best practices across the team