Team Expansion

Develop a formula to identify, recruit, and onboard new sellers

The typical sale team completely turns over every 3 to 4 years and the costs of replacing a seller range from $75,000 for a telesales rep to $300,000 for a high-end enterprise seller.

Winalytics Team Expansion allows you to efficiently grow your team with a formula to identify, recruit, and onboard new sellers around your sales playbook.

Modules, Goals, and Structure

  • 3 month module to build sales foundation for repeatable recruiting
  • Weekly/bi-weekly meeting with sales and HR leadership to build a formula
  • Coaching with new sellers or new sales leaders to rapidly onboard and build skills around your sales playbook

Month 1

Build Seller Skill Rubric


Identify and capture the skills for your top performing sellers

Develop Recruiting Method


Use recruiting to allow candidates to show key skills

Month 2

Use On-boarding Calendar


Help a new seller cover all skills and hear many voices

Encourage 360 Feedback


Encourage feedback from sellers, product, and marketing

Month 3

Match Sellers to Managers


Prioritize seller-manager match over point of hire decision

Monitor New Seller Trajectory


Track new seller progress using pipeline success formula