Elevating the Iron Tree Experience: Iron Tree Positions Unique Value in its Sales Process to Break Through

“Iron Tree is the North Shore’s quality leader in the market for tree removal and maintenance.  Our sellers were not positioning our unique experience and instead too often selling on price. Winalytics helped us build a sales playbook, scripts, and metrics to push the team toward selling on value.”

Jon Cahill

Director of Sales & Marketing, Iron Tree

Engagement Highlights

  • Developed a sales playbook of scripts to help position Iron Tree’s unique value in sales conversation
  • Developed a set of sales metrics to build accountability around sales volume, conversion, and price points
  • Improved average prices by 25% over a 12-month period of time



Iron Tree entered the very competitive market for tree maintenance and removal on the North Shore of Boston in 2013 with a differentiated market position around the “Iron Tree Experience.”   The company’s commitment to a high level of responsiveness, quality and follow through on service commitments, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee offer had turned it into the fastest growing tree maintenance company in its target market.   Despite its success, the company had not developed a repeatable sales methodology that allowed it to consistently position the “Iron Tree Experience” in on-site sales conversations with sellers often reverting to price to win business, which hurt the company’s profitability.


The Iron Tree team hired Winalytics to develop a sales messaging and execution strategy around the “Iron Tree Experience.” Through bi-weekly team meetings and de-briefs on individual sales conversations, Winalytics developed and refined a sales manual to support positioning the company’s value.  The sales manual captured the “Iron Tree Experience” through the entire customer lifecycle and also included language tools to improve messaging and handle questions and objections during on-site sales conversations.   Winalytics also developed a set of monthly sales metrics focused on job counts, deal value, and man-hour rates as part of a Monthly Sales Scorecard to create accountability around selling on value.


By keeping focus and accountability on positioning the Iron Tree Experience, Winalytics helped the company increase its average job price and man hour rate by 25% between Q4 2016 and Q4 2017.   The Sales Manual and Monthly Sales Scorecard also created an approach for building a consistent sales culture including recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new sellers.