While value pathways create the overarching philosophy on delivering buyer value across sales, marketing, and success, it is playbooks used by each of these teams within the revenue organization that guide buyer-facing interactions.

content strategy playbooks

Content Strategy

Link content to buyer value across the buyer journey

prospecting playbooks


Lead prospecting with buyer challenges and peer references

sales discovery process playbooks

Discovery Process

Use critical goals to engage buyers and qualify forward

deal velocity playbooks

Deal Velocity

Anchor on Buyer Value to Close Deals Faster and Discount Less

upsell and success cycle playbooks

Upsell & Success Cycle

Use Buyer Goals to Expand Account Value Quicker

dynamic skills playbooks

Dynamic Skills

Build performance gains with dynamic skills reinforcement

Playbooks put value pathways into practice by:

  • Suggesting specific actions for each buyer situation.   
  • Capturing and socializing team best practice 
  • Supporting practice and repetition to build skills 
  • Provide flexibility for team members to find their own voice.
Wynalitics Playbooks
Wynalitics Playbooks



  • Playbook sessions localize tools to company’s buyer, market, team
  • Playbook tools guide each type of buyer interaction across sales, marketing, and customer success
  • Team trainings used to introduce and revise playbook tools
  • Direct application in buyer interactions builds skills and optimize tools



Immediate revenue impacts from application to buyer interactions

2-3 months to fully test and optimize each playbook