Growth Playbook

In a noisy disrupted buyer environment, sellers are struggling to engage larger groups of better informed buyers and have a narrow window to make an impact.

Winalytics Growth Playbook helps sellers cut through this market noise with unique value messaging, buyer impact tailoring, and a consistent qualification formula

Modules, Goals, and Structure

  • 3 month module to build foundation for growth acceleration
  • Weekly/bi-weekly team workshops used to localize growth playbook tools to company’s buyers and markets
  • Weekly individual coaching sessions used to operationalize playbook in prospect conversations, drive deals, and build skills.

Month 1

Begin with Fit & Impacts


Use impacts to break through market noise immediately

Tailor Around Prospect Value


Tailor to what a prospect values or forget a 2nd meeting

Month 2

Qualify around critical goal(s)


Identify in your 1st meeting critical goal(s) that will drive a close

Manage Three Part Meetings


Include discovery, proof, and a way forward in each meeting

Month 3

Progress Deals Around Commits


Buyer actions matter more than seller actions, ask for next gets

Mini-pitches around Q’s & O’s 


Use questions & objections to further tailor the conversation